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The Beach at Darnley Basin


You have the choice of relaxing on the deck or strolling along the beach of Darnley Basin while watching the local fishermen harvest mussels.  The stairway to the beach is only yards from the beach house on a small bluff above the basin.  The water is warm and shallow, making it ideal for exploring the tide for shells, clams, jellyfish and brown crabs.  This red sand beach stretches out to the grassy sand dunes of Profitt's Point, home to the Piping Plover, a local shore bird.  Cormorants  and  various gulls can


also be seen on the waters  edge.  Trails from the beach lead up into grassy sand dunes that stretch across the point.

The Beach on the Gulf


A short walk down a sandy lane takes visitors to the surf of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  This beautiful white sand beach is great for kids and adults.  It's perfect for building sandcastles or watching sunsets.  Adventurous visitors may wish to walk west from here around Profitt's Point and continue along the shore as it takes them across the red sand beach and back to the stairs on Darnley Basin.  This four kilometer trek is almost always deserted except for the shore birds, old lobster traps, sea shells, driftwood and other interesting treasures found along the way.  Those that head east along the beach will discover the lighthouse and the red cliffs contrasted against the bright blue sky and deep  blue  waters  of the  gulf.  Further  along, the  cliffs  rise  up where  wind and  water have sculpted an arch  through the red  stone.  Either walk is best enjoyed in the early evening before the sun sets on the gulf.


The Beach at Thunder Cove


The beach at Thunder Cove is a short five-minute drive northeast of The Dunes.  Here, large sand dunes rise up out from the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  This is a fun family

beach that is used by the people in the busy cottage community of Thunder Cove.

The Beach at Cabot Park


East of the nearby town of Malpeque is Cabot Provincial Park.  This family park's beach is situated across the channel from Profitt's Point on the western shore of the Darnley Basin where it meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Malpeque Bay, known for its world-famous oysters.



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